The special interest groups were fun, dynamic and engaging. The biggest benefit was the ability to create relationships over a period of time. It was like you took the heavy lifting out of scheduling and finding someone I wanted to meet at a conference. The opportunities were laid out for us.
— Qiagen

Partners for THe forthcoming June SIG Meetings:

Participating As a Solution Provider

Making significant progress towards precision medicine depends on innovation from solution providers. In SIG meetings the vendor/technology company representatives are important stakeholders in the room, crucial to the discussion. SIG meetings offer a valuable opportunity to introduce new platforms as solutions to real problems, within the context of a discussion with end-users from key organisations.

The reality for solution providers is stark. Senior decision makers and influencers spend less that 2% of their time engaging with solution providers - less than one hour per week. The cost of securing their time can be huge. 

In contrast to exhibitions and paid for speaking slots, the SIG meetings allow for focused and actionable conversations with senior and technical decision makers among potential clients.


So, how to spend your time at the SIG?

Two things are crucially important - Value and Trust.

To demonstrate value you must be relevant, credible and different/better. SIG meetings create the relevance for you, by focusing on topics within which your organisation's solution will help. You also gain credibility by being part of this senior level discussion. Being different and/or better is down to you and your organisation's solution, but we get you 'through the door'.

To build trust with a senior audience you must get to intimacy quickly. You must also invest in the relationship at the point at which someone does not need your product. Get this right, and when they DO need your product, they will turn to you. It also helps to challenge perceived wisdom, although not for the sake of it. 

SIG meetings create the environment where all of the above can be achieved. We work in partnership with a small number of solution providers to ensure that participation works for both them and the end users in the room. 

Benefits of SIG partnership include:

  • Open the doors of new, previously impenetrable, prospects by demonstrating value and building trust.
  • Build and develop trusted relationships with key people in the target market.
  • Grow your sales pipeline and gather information not readily available to competitors.
  • Gather actionable intelligence that will influence your R&D by understanding market needs.
  • Position your solution as integral by establishing its immediate potential to help end-users.
  • Thought leadership by having unique access to end-users who are shaping the future.
  • Exposure to the wider market through the post-meeting report.

rules of engagement

The value of the discussion and output, to all attendees and the wider precision medicine community, is our number one driving concern. As such, we have some rules of engagement which apply to all participants. If you're thinking of partnering with us in a commercial capacity, it's important that you are aware of these rules:

  • No direct pitching. You're in the room because you are and/or your technology is considered to be valuable to the discussion. As with most industries, but especially life sciences, new relationships are built on demonstrating value and building trust. Direct pitching in this format diminishes both. However, please DO take the time to start and build relationships, DO request follow-up meetings where appropriate, DO exchange business cards, and do not feel afraid to mention your business in the context of the discussion. Subtly is the name of the game here. It will be hugely respected by all participants, and you will enhance your reputation. 
  • Contribute to the discussion. You are an equal partner in the meeting, at the same level as all other attendees - you will not be positioned as the vendor in the room, looking to close business. As such, you are expected to contribute and add to the discussion. That does not necessarily mean being a topic expert. It can be about active listening, asking the right questions, sharing your personal experiences or playing an active role in other ways (for example, scribing during group sessions). 
  • Focus on the meeting. Unlike at a conference or a trade-show, you will need to be attentive and involved for the full half-say SIG. Put your phone away and focus on the discussion - this is a great opportunity to put the best version of yourself and your business forward with senior people within your target market. With so much to learn and to contribute to, why would you spend your time doing anything else?



  • A seat at the table.
  • A copy of the report post event to use and share with your business (+ all previous reports).
  • 2 page insert included in the welcome pack which will be distributed on site (must be of relevance and add to the discussion).
  • Half page summary note within the report.
  • Input on the topics for discussion.
  • Exclusivity (no additional suppliers confirmed in the same solution-area, without your approval).


  • A seat at the table.
  • A copy of the report post event (+ all previous reports).
  • 2 page insert included in the welcome pack which will be distributed on site (must be of relevance and add to the discussion).
  • Half page summary note within the report.

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